Justin Bieber DUI Arrest

This morning there are reports that the charges against Justin Bieber have been dropped.  He was arrested last week in Florida for driving under the influence (DUI) more commonly known as drunk drinking, resisting an officer without violence and driving with an expired driver’s license.  Should it turn out to be true that the charges have been dropped, many will assume that it is simply an example of money and fame getting him out of trouble.

However, it is more likely an example of how important it is to hire a lawyer no matter how “open and shut” a case may seem.  Based on reports I read, there were genuine questions as to how the police determined Mr. Bieber was drag racing, how they determined he was speeding and what indications they supposedly observed that made them believe he was intoxicated.  Mr. Bieber supposedly made statements admitting he had consumed alcohol and drugs.  It is important to have a lawyer investigate whether the statements were actually made and when.  It may be be that even if Mr. Bieber did in fact say them, they wouldn’t be admissible in a court of law.  In any DUI case there are issues as to someone’s alleged performance on field sobriety exercises.  This is because the exercises are subjective. Different people can view the performances differently.  Similarly, the science allegedly behind the breath test machines is also constantly being questioned.  If these machines aren’t properly maintained and used, it can dramatically change the results.

These are just a few of the questions a lawyer knows to ask, that the person arrested may not.  The lesson to take from Mr. Bieber’s situation is that everyone needs a lawyer if they are arrested.  Don’t take a chance that you will be wrongly convicted of a crime the government can’t prove against you.